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    A Day in Her Life: A short story

    A Day in Her Life: A Short Story

    Her morning starts when her mom comes to wake her up. Her mother’s sweet voice is soothing and it comforts her. “Time to wake up for school, Tina!” says her mother, somehow her mother said this in a cheerful tone. Tina did not want to go to school, but it was something that made her mother happy. Tina always enjoyed seeing her mom happy, so she would put up with going to school. Tina sat up in her bed with a groan, “Okay.” she said. Her mother smiled, “Wonderful!” she says clapping her hands together, “I will be downstairs cooking breakfast.” and with that, her mom was out of her room. Tina glanced around her clean room, the walls were a pale blue color and stuffed animals were everywhere. She smiled, each one reminded her of a nice memory. Tina gets out of bed a looks for her nicest shirt and the best pair of pants she could find. Her style of clothing was unique. She rarely wore matching clothing, but her mother found it cute. Tina smiled as she looked in the mirror, “Perfect!” she thought with a bright smile as she went out of her room and downstairs to the kitchen. Tina could smell bacon and she could hear the sizzling of it. She could feel her mouth water, bacon was one of her favorite foods. She sees her mother placing the bacon on a plate, with some scrambled eggs. “Ah, Tina. Here’s some food. Eat up!” Tina nodded as she sat on a chair and began to eat the food. Tina loved her mother’s cooking it was marvelous. “So how excited are you today for school?” her mother asked. Tina took a moment to respond, “I’m not that excited, but I want to go.” she said putting down her fork. Her mother smiled, “That’s natural for your age.” she said, “Most kids don’t like going to school.” she continued. Tina nodded standing up and glancing at the clock, “I need to go. I love you, mom!” Tina said before waving and walking out the door. “I love you too.” her mother said. If she would have known what would have happened her mother would have never allowed Tina out of the door.

    Tina had a normal day at school. Her classmates were happy to see her and she was excited to see her friends. “Remember to give your parents your field trip permission slips!” the teacher said right before the bell rang. Tina began to walk out of the classroom, her friend Becca next to her. “I am so excited to go the zoo!” she said. Tina nodded, “I went to zoo when I was younger, so it is exciting to go now.” she said. Becca giggled, “I want to see an elephant, want about you?” Tina thought for a moment, “A monkey. Dad always tells me I am his little monkey.” she said. “I want to see a monkey too!” Becca shouted she was always excited and very active. Tina laughed, “We should make sure we are in a group together then!” Becca nodded, “My mom’s here, I’ll see you later Tina!” Tina watched as Becca ran over to her mom and jumped into her arms. Tina waved as she walked out of the elementary school. She was a second grader. She was about to go to the third grade. Her home was across the street from the school, so she walked home and walked to school. Tina took a deep breath as she walked towards the sidewalk that was in front of the school. The police officer smiled at her and waved, he instructed the traffic to stop. Tina nodded, to thank the man. She saw her father nod at people a lot, so she started to do it. She began to cross the street, but before should even take another step she was hit by a car, it was driven by a teen driver. The teen was too busy checking their cell phone.