Women and the Oscars

Gender Equality in the Academy Awards

Since Hollywood’s abundance of sexual harassment allegations in the past year, the 2018 Academy Awards placed the women in entertainment at the forefront of the industry.

Women made it into the Best Director category and the category for Best Cinematography. Women finally made it outside of Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress!

Several more female nominees than in previous years equates to more female wins, right? Wrong.

Greta Gerwig took home one of those golden statues for her directorial debut with Lady Bird. Rachel Morrison and her cinematography in Mudbound granted her the same honor. Six women took home an Oscar that night, including Frances McDormand and Allison Janney, but that number pales in comparison to the 33 men that were bestowed with the same.

Will gender equality be in the running for an Oscar anytime soon?

In spite of the increased attention and recognition, it is evident women still have a long way to go before we can be recognized equally in the film and entertainment industry.


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