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Why We Miss School

Why We Miss School

Before the sickness we sat in our desks and participated in daily complaints 

We begged to go home,some of us wished to throw our education away

Then BOOM the virus came and now we sit and look out our bedroom window panes

We recall a time in which we thought roaming the school halls was lame

But now we live with fear not knowing if our lives will ever be the same


We dreaded writing homework down in our planners so we did it with dismay

But look at us now,with no schedule we have lost track of the days

Of course the school lunch made our tummies unhappy and upset

But now we can’t even throw milk cartons at our friends while we discuss tests


We covered our ears as we traveled through the overcrowded hallways

Now we would do anything to go back to the last day we heard the school bell rang

A euphoric feeling of going to football games even though we knew our team wouldn’t win

Now we are forced to imagine our old lives and dread that this virus may never come to an end 


It’s absurd how we use to exclaim in school that we needed space

Because sadly now we yell at the screen because we cant speak face to face

It was the wretched stench of the bathrooms that made us feel queasy

The life we wanted outside of school has brought us chains-it has been anything but easy


There were days we believed that school was the worst place on earth to be

We hated every graph every essay and every line we even began to disregard history

Why did we say we didn’t need school in out lives when in gave us what we needed 

Now we cant return and everyone acts like they have been cheated 


It was the teachers that impacted our view on school the most

Now memories of raising our hands have become ghosts

We no longer hear the forbidden whispers in the classroom

But instead are forced to hear the static and lagging of our meetings on zoom


School is starting and some of us are forced to stay at home

We won’t even know how it feels to record our class memories on our phones

See we are the strongest there is because we are able to adjust and laugh it off

We are shacked in our rooms because one is suspected to have the virus when they simply cough




Alexah Boone

C/o 2021👩🏽‍🎓 Black Belt in Karate Dreams to be an Orthopedic surgeon. I love to make people smile because I believe everyone matters.

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