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Thoughts on the Democratic 2020 Nominees

Currently, the Democratic pool of candidates consists of approximately six to eight 

serious contenders, from various backgrounds and levels of experience. The politicians polling 

the highest are Joe Biden, former vice president of Barack Obama, and Kamala Harris, a 

Californian senator. Other possible candidates include Beto O’Rourke and Andrew Yang. While 

Biden and Harris’ policies attract more support, neither one has gained a clear majority of 

Democratic votes. With multiple front-runners vying for the nomination, it shows that American 

Democrats are divided between these politicians. This size will most likely cause the eventual 

nominee to face more difficulty winning the 2020 general election. 

Although more contenders provides diversity and choices for Democrats, it also means 

that each person receives a smaller percentage of votes out of the general population, compared 

to if the party had only fewer candidates. The Democratic debates this year showcased the wide 

range of political programs these candidates endorse, as well as their disagreements. The 

Democrats show more divisiveness, with no single person providing a platform that covers the 

policies and ideas they want to hear. 

The current Democratic candidates do demonstrate promising and beneficial ideas, but 

the Republican Party’s single contender in Donald Trump allows them some guaranteed support 

and past precedents. Even though many of Trump’s decisions have driven out some of his 

supporters, his presidency has also cemented the support from other citizens. The GOP needs not 

worry about choosing a nomination, and can fully focus on promoting Trump’s campaign. For 

the Democratic Party to nominate a strong contender, they must single out and support one 

candidate who recognizes most of the U.S. citizens’ best interests when making policies and 

negotiations. Only then will they obtain the ability to consolidate their party’s votes and truly 

face off against Donald Trump in 2020.

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