The Truth The Children Don’t Know

The truth The Children Didn't Know

See the children are the best of us and here’s why 

They simply see no color in their eye 

See they look for people in which they adorn

Rather than judging people for the way they were born


Sadly the children live in a world in which they don’t understand 

They don’t understand why one man killed another man 

See we as people with knowledge understand plenty of instances like this are hate

But to the children the world is great


Wouldn’t it be lucky to be a child 

Brightening the world with your smile 

But yet we as people are forced to riot and protest in towns 

Because men think it’s okay to kill people who are already down 


Oh how I wish I was a child I wouldn’t understand death 

But sadly i know that the system wants us to fight until they take all of our breaths 

I know that we have to fight for the declining number of our  people that we do have left 


See the children are what make the world go round

In fact they are the reason we do protest in towns 

See the the children remind us that we do still have a chance 

They give us hope that one day we will stop being killed like ants. 


But no the children are the truly the lucky ones

They don’t have to fear that the worst has yet to come

But see the children don’t have to build their future for themselves

That’s why it is vital that we improve the world in which they dwell. 

Alexah Boone

C/o 2021👩🏽‍🎓 Black Belt in Karate Dreams to be an Orthopedic surgeon. I love to make people smile because I believe everyone matters.

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