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The Pros and Cons of Quarantine

  • COVID-19 is indeed still a major issue at hand. With COVID-19 emerging quarantine is recommended if not required in many places in the country. Here I will discuss the pros and cons of quarantine. 


Pros  Cons
  • Stops the spreading of the Virus
  • Makes us reevaluate ourselves 
  • Requires us to learn how to use more technology 
  • Allows us to advance or discover talents. 
  • Extraverts are sad 
  • People are losing friends 
  • And we are left to cope with our thoughts 
  • No social gatherings 

I will now explain the following. 


  • Stops the spreading of the virus: Out of everything on both lists this should really be seen as the most relevant and important one. Quarantine has forced us to stay in our homes and not go out in the public to have human interactions. This ultimately eliminates the chance of you giving someone the virus and receiving the virus.
  • Makes us reevaluate ourselves:Being isolated from others is an immediate cause of being able to get closer with your inner thoughts. Because we are not distracted by the presence of others we start to think more about ourselves,and we began to see how we can self improve. An example of this are people who are trying to change the level of their health during this time.
  •  Requires us to learn how to use more technology: Because we aren’t allowed to actually go and gather in public,a vast majority of the world has began to use video chatting platforms. These include Skype,Zoom and also Webex. These platforms have proved to be very helpful during this hard time. They allowed for students to continue schooling although they couldn’t return to on ground school. Also these video chatting platforms 
  • Allows us to advance or discover talents: This also goes hand in the hand with the first point of improving ourselves. Typically people don’t get to do their skills and talents because they have to work or go to school. But with quarantine, we are left with so much time to practice our talents. There are many new emerging prodigies since quarantine. 



  • Extroverts are sad:  Being an extrovert myself I hi destiny understand this the most. Many extroverts thrive off of human interactions. Extroverts are being forced to stay away from their friends or even suggested to not go to grocery stores. Extroverts are panicking like never before because they are not accustomed to being alone. 




  • We are left to cope with our thoughts: Although I also stated this as a pro it is important to look at it under a negative lens also. I think this is closely tied to the mental states that COVID has put many people in. This is true with people who have gotten COVID and also people who are simply victims of quarantine. Many people are left with racing thoughts that could induce self harm or even harm to others. 



  • No social gatherings:  Of course people are not recommended to go to parties, but social gatherings include other things also. School is a social gathering so is going to work. Not being able to attend daily and routine gatherings has in ways altered the way society runs. Many are not comfortable with change and still continue to gather. Unfortunately many people who choose to still gather will receive COVID.



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