That’s News???

That's News??

Let’s Call Out Tabloids for Tearing Women Down

When waiting in the checkout line at the grocery store, one can see a singular theme playing out on the metal tabloid racks. Flashes of it dance among the breath mints and play peek-a-boo between the chewing gum. It grabs your attention by the shirt collar and shouts…


Women are plastered, nay, crucified on the covers of glorified gossip rags which many have the audacity to call periodicals. To justify the pure manure that reeks from these magazines’ open pages as viable fact and absolute truth would be to fire a bullet between the eyes of journalism.

“Has Megan found her true prince charming?”
“Have you seen Angie’s new man?”
“How did Jessica gain that weight?”
“Will Jenn find love again?”

These lingering questions that no one should care about seem to be branded on the cover of People and Us Weekly every time the opportunity arises. It is gross gossip and it is all directed toward female celebrities or women in the spotlight. And you know what? These magazines are marketed for a female audience!

Ladies! Come on!

I get it. It is nice to see famous women, the hottest celebrities, are just as human as we are, but they are always put down in the media as being too fat, too thin, too in love, too single, too broken, too anything. Women are never uplifted in the tabloids. Magazine headlines never read:

“How Megan found fulfillment”
“How Angie gained happiness after tragedy”
“How Jess looks after not starving herself”
“How Jenn is loving life on her own”

Women tearing other women down or getting enjoyment out of seeing a fellow female fail is the only thing out of fashion these days and it should stay that way. Everyone and everything is against us so why not be there for each other.

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