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    Self-acceptance During COVID-19

    Guest Post by Nora Bartona member of the Senior Girl Scouts of Troop 350 AKA “Wild Roses”

    It’s important to note that during quarantine, you are not obligated to change yourself.

    You don’t have to “glow up” or lose weight. We’re facing a global pandemic, and we are all under an unprecedented amount of stress. It’s okay to gain some weight, or lose some. It’s okay to wear the same pair of sweatpants for two weeks, or if you want to put on your nicest dress and do a full face of makeup, that’s okay too. We have to do whatever is best for our mental health, whether that be food, video games, sleep, etc. Don’t beat yourself up for doing your best to cope with the stress of quarantine.

    Here’s a list of self-acceptance do’s and don’ts:

    DO: Take care of yourself, within your capacity

    DON’T: Beat yourself up if your hygiene slips

    DO: Try to be healthier, within reason

    DON’T: Try any crazy diets or exercise plans that you won’t be able to sustain

    DO: Be informed

    DON’T: Stress yourself out too much by reading all of the negative news reports

    DO: Treat yourself by ordering something special online

    DON’T: Panic buy or splurge your money

    DO: Keep in touch with your friends

    DON’T: Violate social distancing, organize something virtual instead

    DO: Your best to keep up with your work/school load

    DON’T: Run yourself ragged trying to get everything done

    DO: Try and become a kinder, more confident person

    DON’T: Get upset if you’re focused on the pandemic

    Self-acceptance takes time. Be gentle with yourself and others. Give your family some space but don’t hesitate to be there for them. Remember that everyone is doing their best to cope with the quarantine. Stay inside and stay safe.