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    Relieve Your Period Pain

    Most girls experience pain during their period. The pain can be mild and bearable for some girls,

    while for other girls, the pain can hurt so bad that they miss school, work, or other social

    activities. Periods can cause sharp jabbing pains in your lower belly and lower back. Many girls

    take pills to relieve their pain so they can continue with their daily activities. But taking

    painkillers can lead to many long term harmful side effects and can negatively impact your

    health. A high-tech wearable called Anna uses scientifically proven technologies to make your

    period days more comfortable and bring you pain relief without any side effects.


    Why Are Your Periods Painful & Uncomfortable?

    When you reach puberty and become sexually mature, your sex hormones will prepare your

    body for a possible pregnancy every month. Don’t freak out! If you do not have sex or take the

    necessary precautions, you will not become pregnant! If you have unprotected sexual

    intercourse, sperm released by your sexual partner can fertilize an egg released by your ovaries,

    leading to a possible pregnancy. To prepare for pregnancy, the lining of your uterus will thicken

    every month, so a fertilized egg can attach to it and feed on it. When you do not get pregnant,

    your body will shed all the material that it had prepared for pregnancy. Those unwanted

    materials, such as blood, uterus lining, and unfertilized eggs, are expelled from your body

    through your period.


    The pain you experience during your period is mostly from your uterus. Your uterus will keep

    tightening and contracting during the first three days of your period, so it can squeeze out the

    thickened inner lining that it had prepared for pregnancy. This uterine tightening and contraction

    make periods an uncomfortable and painful experience for many girls. Thankfully, Anna is now

    here to make your periods less miserable and more comfortable without any side effects.


    Who is Anna?

    Anna is your best friend who makes you feel better on your miserable period days. She is a fancy

    smart wearable device manufactured by Captain Well , an innovative FemTech and wellness

    company based in San Francisco, California. Anna is a small and portable device that you can

    carry with you to school, work, and elsewhere without being annoyed by her presence. Anna is

    designed to use the highest quality material and latest technology to safely and affordably

    improve the quality of your life during your period.


    Why Does Anna Work?

    Anna uses scientifically proven technologies such as heat therapy and electrical energy. This

    changes your pain perception so you can feel less/no pain during your period. Heat therapy

    disrupts your body’s ability to send pain signals to your brain, which will reduce your pain



    Studies have shown that heat therapy is more effective than painkillers for relieving period pain.

    Anna comes with wireless and wired adhesive pads that release heat. You can attach these pads

    to 9 different painful regions on your body simultaneously, such as your lower belly and lower

    back. The heat released from these adhesive pads penetrates through your skin, increasing blood

    flow and circulation, which will help relax the muscles of those painful regions, resulting in pain

    reduction. The heat from the adhesive pads also reduces pain signals from reaching your brain,

    which will also help you feel less pain.


    Anna’s adhesive pads also release harmless micro-electrical pulses to your pain points, which

    also help relieve your period pain. The small electrical pulses safely reduce your pain perception

    by disrupting your body’s pain signals from reaching your brain. The harmless electrical pulses

    released by the adhesive pads also stimulate your brain to produce endorphins, which are your

    body’s own natural painkillers. This combination triggered by Anna’s cutting-edge technology

    changes your pain perception, causing you to feel less period pain.


    How Does Anna Work?

    Anna scientifically reduces pain caused by menstruation with the touch of a button. She is a

    smart and easy-to-use wearable device that you can always carry around with you without

    feeling any discomfort. Anna is a sleek and compact device that weighs less than 0.1 lbs. She is

    so light and small that you can place her inside your pocket or attach her to your belt without

    anyone noticing her. The complete Anna package contains the Anna device, wired and wireless

    adhesive pads, USB charging cable, a hard case, and an instruction booklet.

    Anna also has built-in safety features to help prevent any unintended accidents. She has an

    automatic-lock safety feature, which helps prevent unintended or accidental changes to her

    settings. Anna also has an automatic power-off safety feature, which switches her off after 60

    minutes of continuous use. Anna is connected to an AI-powered mobile app. You can use the

    mobile app to modify Anna’s duration, intensity, frequency, and temperature to adjust her to

    your desired settings based on your level of pain and discomfort.


    Why Should You Use Anna?

    The technology used by Anna is scientifically proven to reduce period pain naturally and without

    any adverse effects on your health. Anna does not use drugs or hormones to relieve your period

    cramps. Common drugs used to treat period pain, such as ibuprofen and paracetamol, can cause

    many long-term side effects, such as stomach ulcers and bleedings, liver and kidney problems,

    and heart disease. On the other hand, the technologies used by Anna naturally reduce period pain

    by stimulating your body to produce natural painkillers and disrupting pain signals from reaching

    your brain. As a result, Anna does not have any side effects and works naturally with your body

    to relieve your period pain.

    You no longer have to take those nasty harmful drugs to relieve your period pain. Anna is safe,

    effective, portable, and easy-to-use, so you can easily carry her around with you. Anna is a

    reliable and effective companion on your period days to help you feel better and take your pain

    away. With Anna by your side, you can say goodbye to painful and miserable periods

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