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    Reviewing the Netflix Original Documentary – Period. End of Sentence.

    period end of sentence

    Period. End of Sentence.

    A Review of the Netflix Original Documentary by Suneeti Chambers

    As I was browsing Netflix one day, I saw the preview of a documentary called Period. End of Sentence.

    Since I have a passion and an interest in women’s health, I felt that this was a documentary I would learn a lot from and enjoy.

    After watching it, I discovered that I was right!

    The documentary takes place in India and talks about a significant topic that is considered ‘taboo’ in India: menstruation.

    As you watch the documentary, you can see the awkwardness and uncomfortableness that the women and girls show when asked about the topic of menstruation. You can immediately tell how little attention this health topic is given, despite its extreme importance. Even men are asked about periods and menstruation, and they express a lack of knowledge concerning the subject.

    Furthermore, many women India resort to unhygienic ways to take care of their period, as seen in the documentary.

    To combat this problem, an Indian man by the name of Arunachalam Muruganantham has created a machine which creates pads. It is a relatively simple machine but it is able to create pads that are abundant in quality and quantity. Then, he got people to teach women from certain villages how to work the machines and create their own pads.

    From there on, the documentary shows women with an entrepreneurial spirit, selling their own pads and getting their own money. The pride and happiness seen in these women’s faces prove that nothing can get in the way of the perseverance and power of women. The documentary has reminded me to be proud to be part Indian and to be a woman.

    Most of all, it has reminded me that we should never hesitate to change the status quo!

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    Must-Watch True Crime Series on Netflix

    Must Watch

    More True Crime Series!

    Must-Watch True Crime

    Entertainment Guaranteed!

    1. Evil Genius

    Evil Genius is a documentary series about a bank robbery gone bad. This documentary reviews the robbery. It also shows the investigation. Additionally, it reveals the odd truth. Evil Genius is short and easy to watch.

    2. Amanda Knox

    Amanda Knox was in Italy studying abroad. While she was there, her roommate was murdered. Knox was convicted, but is she guilty? This documentary answers the question of her innocence. The case is very interesting. Therefore, expect to watch it all at once.

    3. Making a Murderer

    Throughout the documentary, one will see Stephen Avery spend two decades as a prime suspect. However, he did not commit the crime. Making a Murderer tells why.

    4. The Ted Bundy Tapes

    The Ted Bundy Tapes tell the story of a killer. Bundy was charming. While at the same time, evil. After watching this, expect to be very aware. I recommend not watching alone. 

    5. The Disappearance of Madeleine Mccain

    Madeleine Mccain disappeared during a family vacation. The story is sad but captivating. This documentary tells the story of Madeleine’s disappearance and the investigation that followed. 

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    The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Review

    Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Netflix

    The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Review

    Read below for GirlSpring’s Review of The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina on Netflix.

    I don’t know about you, but during most of Christmas break, you can find me binge-watching shows on Netflix. For me, it’s super relaxing and nice to take time for myself and chill out. Often I switch between a good book and a tv show. Rewatching my favorites is always great, Parks and Rec, The Office, and Criminal Minds are my go-to’s. However, I love finding a new show to dive into.


    My new Netflix obsession is The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. It’s based on the comic strip and is in the same universe as Riverdale. It’s a very different take than the older version, Sabrina the Teenage Witch. CAOS is a darker more modern take on the story, with some of the same characters, Sabrina, the Aunts, and Salem the cat. I like this version because Sabrina’s character is extremely independent and self-confident young women. This show is equal parts fun and serious with important female empowerment messages.


    The story is about Sabrina, turning sixteen, which for witches is the birthday they must decide if they want to commit to being a witch. Without giving too much away, Sabrina is living in the two worlds (with and human) and must decide between the two. Throughout Season one you see both worlds and how they interact or don’t. The other characters in the story are compelling as well. I am interested to see how side stories are developed as the show progresses.  


    Season one premiered in early November, and they already have an air date for Season two (Mid-April). HOWEVER, they just released a holiday special! So there is a bounce episode between season one and two. It’s about the Winter Solstice/Christmas. I am beyond excited to watch it this weekend! Check it out here!


    Have you seen the series? Comment your thought below! Want to review a show yourself? Go to and submit an article! We’d love to hear from you!

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    Hallmark vs. Netflix: Christmas Movies

    Hallmark vs. Netflix: Christmas Movies

    This Christmas, before you settle down to watch another Hallmark movie, consider flipping over to Netflix.

    There are plenty of new movies to watch that rival Hallmark in more than one way. You can watch Netflix anywhere, their movies have better female role models, and the relationships are more realistic.

    Hallmark is a staple for the holidays, whether it be finding romance through a secret billionaire, or building an Inn with a stranger after someone you knew passed away and left it to you. There is no doubt that these movies are entertaining. I watch them with my mom and best friend every week. However, there is always that nagging feeling that the women are not getting the attention they deserve. I noticed that a lot of the movies end up with less focus on the girls’ careers and more on her finding love and moving away to where the guy lives.

    I am all for finding romance and fantasizing about what you could have. However, dreaming about the perfect job is just as valid. In the future, I want to support myself financially and love what I do for a living before I love and support someone else. Some of the Hallmark movies do allow women to have bits of their success. However, most don’t, and I am tired of the male-dominated success and males characters leaping in to save the day.

    I need a strong female role model that gets to have her career and her romance, too.

    This is what you get with the Netflix movies The Holiday Calendar and The Princess Switch. Both films have a romantic plot, but also have a career motivated subplot. Go ahead and watch them if you haven’t. Bonnie from The Vampire Diaries and Vanessa Hudgens are in them.

    While watching one Netflix movie, I was prepared to guess the ending they. Guy proposes to the girl after knowing her for three weeks; the girl says yes, and a week later they’re married under a romantic canopy of lights. Yet, I was pleasantly surprised to know that the characters considered their relations rationally and allowed time to grow their bonds. There was not one instance where someone cheated on a spouse through flirtation or physical touch.

    Hallmark finds it romantic to fall for the guy who was awful at the beginning or the guy who wants to leave his fiancé for the other woman. It’s crazy to think about how that would go down in real life. Consider you have a significant other. Said significant other gets called away to business in some small snow-covered town miles away. A local girl bakes him a pie when his car breaks down, and immediately it becomes about her being his long-lost soul mate. How would you feel? Enraged? I would hope so. It would all sound so romantic if you were the girl and some guy in a fancy tuxedo came to your bakery two nights before Christmas. It would be fate, then. No, it’s just adultery.

    Don’t get me wrong; I will continue to watch Hallmark movies as I am just as addicted as the next fan. My point is, keep in mind that these are not all healthy romantic plots. They are just fantasies.

    Here are some links to Hallmark and Netflix movies that I love:

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    Netflix Series Review: The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

    If you have not seen the Netflix original series The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, then I recommend doing so. It is Netflix gold with its sense of humor and relation to real-time problems with society. I would like to note that there is a decent amount of cursing, and the rating for the show is TV 14.

    The show follows Kimmy, a recently rescued young woman who spent 15 years of her life underground as part of a perverted male’s religious cult. The plot of the show is that she is trying to move on from the past and make a name for herself without the pity of being what is commonly referred to in the show as a “mole woman.”

    She packs her bag and moves to New York City where she finds herself living in an apartment with a seemingly talented, gay, black man, with a delusional, older, white lady as the landlord. The mix of the protagonist’s personality and the other cast members help bring this slightly musical series to life.

    One of the lead writers for the show, Tina Fey, is a known comedian from Saturday Night Live. She is one of my favorite female role models in television, and she continues to create healthy female characters for people to look up to. Kimmy Schmidt not only wants to do what is right all the time, but she wants to make sure that she is helping those around her through her actions.

    The series boasts positivity in speaking up for yourself and trying hard to achieve your dreams. Sometimes life gets us down, and we feel the need to give up. This is where Kimmy Schmidt and Titus Andromedas—her roommate—would tell us to keep trying.

    So, if you’re in the mood for some feel-good comedy about a “mole woman,” then you should check out The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

    Here are some comparable series:


                Modern Family

                American Housewife

                Don’t Trust the B— in Apt. 23

                Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

                The Mindy Project

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    “She’s Beautiful When She’s Angry”

    Recently, I was scrolling through Netflix late at night looking for something to watch. I have always been interested in watching the documentaries on Netflix, from Girl Rising to Miss. Representation, there was has been an abundance of feminist inspired films that are ruthless and inspiring. The most recent jewel on my queue was “She’s Beautiful When She’s Angry”, a look into the Women’s Liberation movement in the 1960’s.

    First Wave Feminism started in the 1800’s, with the meeting at Seneca Falls and the fight for women’s suffrage. The leaders of this first stance for women’s rights were Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton. Second Wave Feminism was a polar opposite from the First Wave, this movement was powered by the momentum from the Civil Rights Movement, and most importantly rage. Modern feminists are a part of Third Wave Feminism, and it was amazing to see how these women provided the foundation for the feminism we know today.

    This documentary went through multiple aspects of the movement, from the bra burnings at the Miss. America Pageant, to the formation of women liberation groups throughout the country. It focused on the social inequality of the sexes, how women were seen as objects to be owned by men without any question. It also shed light on intersectional feminism, and how feminism could be applied to racial issues along with LGBTQ rights. There were also clips from men, and how the majority of both men and women felt like the Women’s Liberation movement was unneeded and a waste of time. It portrayed the contrast between those who fought for equal rights, and those who were content with living in ignorance.

    The women who were interviewed for the documentary talked about problems that still apply to women and girls today, from the double standard between a woman’s and man’s sexuality to pay inequality. It was inspiring to see how the women in the 1960’s dealt with these social issues, and how girls today can deal with these problems that still plague society.

    The film itself was very beautiful, the bulk of the movie was footage collected from the 1960’s and 1970’s. There was also multiple women who were interviewed to speak about how they contributed to the movement, from those who worked in the Civil Rights Movement then moved into the Women’s Liberation movement to leaders of the Black Women’s Liberation movement. The spirits of these women were strong, quirky, and defiant which defined the movement itself.

    I highly recommend this documentary to women of all ages, though be warned there is some crude language in a few scenes. It was a beautiful film, one that gives me inspiration in how to explain my feminism to other people and how my feminism was built off of the work of those who fought for it 50 years beforehand. While there were parts in which might have been a point of controversy, even today, there is one statement that every person can agree with: “All women are beautiful”.

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    Top 25 Netflix Movies To Watch For A Girl’s Night In

    Top 25 Netflix Movies To Watch For A Girl’s Night In

    Everyone loves to go out and have fun from time to time; a girl’s night out is especially fun on the weekends. You can go out to eat, go bowling, go to the movies, or even take a short over-night road trip. Sometimes a girl’s night in can be just as fun as a girl’s night out. Good food, good company, and just relaxing can be what any girl needs after a hard week of school and/or work. The best thing to do when having a girl’s night in is to watch a good movie with the girls, though sometimes it can be hard for all of you to decide exactly what you want to watch.

    To make it easier for you and your friends to decide what the best “girl’s night in” movie is to watch, I have listed my top 25 favorite movies to watch with friends. Some are cheesy, some are empowering, and others are super emotional. You can watch whatever you may choose depending on what you and your friends are in the mood for. Nonetheless, these movies are sure to entertain and capture your attention even if it is your first time watching it or your 100th time watching it. Most of them are classics that are loved by most and can be enjoyed even if you are watching it by yourself.

    1. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
    2. 50 First Dates
    3. Beauty and the Beast
    4. Breakfast at Tiffany’s
    5. High School Musical
    6. Nancy Drew
    7. Queen of Katwe
    8. 13 Going on 30
    9. Any of the “Bring It On” Movies
    10. So Undercover
    11. Lemonade Mouth
    12. Geek Charming
    13. Joyful Noise
    14. Dismissed (because Dylan Sprouse is everything)
    15. The Great Gatsby (the original one)
    16. Expelled
    17. Princess Protection Program
    18. Charlie St. Cloud
    19. High Strung
    20. Beauty and the Briefcase
    21. Catwoman
    22. Can’t Buy Me Love
    23. Keith
    24. Romeo and Juliet
    25. Camp Rock