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    New Year, Same Me – Stay True to You

    New Year Same Me

    New Year, Same Me, but New Ways

    A new year brings forth new opportunities. Rather than declaring a half-hearted resolution, stay true to you and try something new. For example, my 2020 resolution is, “New Year, Same Me, but New Ways”.

    New Year Same Me

    2020 Calendar

    Here are a few examples of living out a New Year, Same Me Resolution.

    Eating Dinner

    As teenagers we tend not to socialize with our family as much as when we were younger. Personally, I eat in the car on the way home from work. Mondays, Saturdays, and Sundays are the only days I make it to family dinner. Eating with your family allows us to stay in touch with family routines before we get ready to branch of into adulthood. 

    Watching Netflix

    Instead of Netflix in bed, try sitting up. Sitting up prevents posture damage. Another way to switch up a Netflix routine is the amount of time spent viewing. Procrastination is a popular bad habit among teenagers. Therefore, procrastination and Netflix do not mix. By utilizing Netflix as background noise rather than entertainment, the amount of unwanted distractions decrease. 

    Avoiding Germs

    Being sick is never fun. Public places are a major hot spot for sick germs. For example, when someone sneezes or coughs and does not cover their mouth. Everyone should take into account that poor health habits affect ourselves and those around us. Honestly, teenagers are one of the most disgusting groups of people on the planet. However, limiting the amount of times we sneeze and touch a public doorknob is a small step towards preventing sickness.

    Conversations with Casual Strangers

    By all means, it is not required to speak to every stranger you encounter, but it doesn’t hurt to be kind. For example, someone holding open a door for you. A simple smile or gesture of thanks has the ability to positively effect someone’s day. This also allows one to practice common courtesy, which will be beneficial in our upcoming years. 

    Image of Self

    As teenagers, we are constantly under the influence of others’ opinions. Show yourself some love by having self confidence. Being comfortable in your own skin is one of the best ways to avoid negative influences and their opinions. Let’s leave low self esteem in 2019. This year, when looking in the mirror, verbally remind yourself that you are and always have been enough.

    Take time to stop and smell the roses!