Style Tips for the Girly Tomboy

Styling Tips For The Girly Tomboy

Repeat after me: I am strong. I am beautiful. I am a confident, amazing young woman.

Phew! Now that we have that out the way, we get an understanding of what it means to be a girly tomboy. Girly tomboys often tend to like to wear dresses and skirts, but also like to get their hands dirty and play sports, watch sports, or simply do “boy’s” things. If you are like me, you will understand that even though you do like wearing dresses, you also like sneakers, graphic tee-shirts, and beanies too. Please understand that being a girly tomboy does not mean that you are not feminine. It just means that your style has a different dynamic than other girls, so do not be afraid to wear a dress with some high-top Vans or wearing a graphic tee-shirt with a skirt. Do not be afraid to wear what makes you feel beautiful because of society’s standards of what it means to “dress like a girl.” Love yourself, be confident enough to relish in the fact that you are awesome, and dress as you please.

Above are some photos of ideas for you ladies to look into for Spring 2018 fashion, if you are a Girly Tomboy. I like to invest in skirts, shorts, and dresses. I balance out my look with a classic band tee, sneakers, and maybe a plaid tee-shirt. Also, don’t forget to incorporate your accessories and keep in mind color coordination.

Now one more!
Repeat after me: I am strong. I am beautiful. I am a confident amazing, young woman.

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