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Procrastinate Less, Organize More- 3 Easy Steps

Ok, so we’ve all been there before. It’s eleven o’clock on a Thursday night and the five-page paper you’ve been putting off for the past week is due first period tomorrow morning. Or, worse, you sit down in math class and realize the homework you spent three hours on yesterday is sitting on your kitchen table. It happens, we’re all human. If you’re anything like me, you’ve been in this exact situation a few too many times. But if trying to juggle so many assignments and extracurriculars was hard before, how in the world are we supposed to keep up with everything during a global pandemic?

As we return to school, that question is most likely one you ask yourself a lot. Virtual and in person school environments both present their own new set of challenges. Now, on top of school, sports, clubs, etc., there is the added pressure of the world’s current situation. And that is, not being able to see friends and do the things you love. It can be overwhelming trying to fit all of this into our busy schedules, which can lead to disorganization and stress. There isn’t one big quick fix that will prevent you from ever forgetting your homework again. However, there are plenty of small things you can do to start the year organized. We do this by keeping procrastination to a minimum.


Even the things you wouldn’t normally see as super important. The number of sticky notes that I have posted around my room with random reminders or notes is a little embarrassing. But, it’s pretty hard to forget something when it’s written on neon pink paper and stuck to the middle of your wall. The sticky note method may not work for everyone. But, writing down the important stuff will make all the difference when you’re trying to keep track of everything. Planners, to do lists, and even the reminder app on your phone are great ways to keep yourself accountable.


Whenever I have a paper due, I’ve tried to get in the habit of making an outline for it the day it’s assigned. When the time comes to actually complete the final draft, I feel so much better knowing that my main points are already written out. Spreading out your work and pacing yourself can save you from many unnecessary, stressful all-nighters.


As intimidating as it can sometimes be, asking people for help can be a great resource. This is helpful when you’re trying to balance lots of commitments at once. Teachers are there to help you do well, so ask questions whenever you have them. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. The majority of the time someone else, most likely, has the same question. For those with virtual or in person school, regularly checking in with your teachers. Attending any offered help sessions can ensure that you aren’t falling behind in the class. In addition to this, studying or checking in with students taking the same classes as you can be a great way to stay accountable for all your schoolwork.

This year is going to be full of changes, no matter what your school situation may be. But hopefully with these tips, you feel a little more prepared to have an organized and fun year!

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