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Must-Have Productivity Apps and Websites

productivity apps and websites

With the end of July approaching, it can be easy to give into the lull of hot summer days. The sun stays out longer, we’re out of school, and there’s barbecues, vacations, and outings galore. It can be really easy to… well… do nothing. And that’s great! Summer should be enjoyed, especially after another challenging school year. But if you’re anything like me, you can get a little antsy when you catch yourself being a little TOO lazy. After all, this is also a great time to start a new hobby, declutter things you may have missed while spring cleaning, or even get ahead on studying or writing for scholarships.

The Resources

1. Fiveable

Formerly known as, is an excellent daily to-do list tool with an integrated timer, embedded music, and chat function. I typically use it throughout the day to track my progress, and it’s excellent for virtual synchronous work with other people.

2. Trello

Now within the Atlassian suit of productivity tools, this is best suited for long-term progress tracking and planning. I use it to plan out my semesters and the tasks for each class. The cards in each list can function like their own page, with a checklist, description, deadline, and other features. That part is similar in concept to Notion, but much simpler. Trello users may find ease in migrating to Notion if they feel they need more customizability because of the familiarity with that setup. It also has a mobile app, which I have downloaded to receive reminders on tasks. 

3. Notion

This is a powerhouse tool in the productivity sphere, which has a definite learning curve but is absolutely worth it. You can add databases, integrate with other apps, and in sum, have all the functionality of Google Docs and Trello combined. The only downside is the sheer volume of features can be overwhelming and difficult to navigate when you first start to use it. If you’re looking purely for a task tracker, Trello is better, but if you’re looking for multi-functionality, go for Notion.  

4. G. Calculator

Available on the Google Play and App Store, this is a perfect replica of a TI-84 calculator, but faster. It perfectly emulates all functions of the TI-84 and graphs even faster than one of the physical calculators. The premium version is under $5 and definitely worth it.

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