Poem: It’s Our World

The world is so big, distance it creates 
But it’s okay because 
one song will eliminate hate 
Cars planes and boats let evil take the children today
But one day these kids will grow up
They’ll tell their kids how they fought and got away 

Mothers warn their daughters that they must keep their heart
But eventually every girl will escape from the dark
Fathers warn their sons that
The world will be against them
But one day these men will grow up to be gems

The world is rotting due to human sin
Sooner or later the good ones will win
The globe gets hotter day by day
They are thinking that we will melt away
But due to science they’ll figure out 
How to cool us off and diminish the dismay

Families go without talking for years 
But a big achievement will 
Reunite the members with cheers
Everyone in this world is ———-
Consumed with fears 
But one day we won’t be worried about 
The harsh things that are brought to our ears. 

Smiles are contagious If u smile
She or he them or we can smile
Find the good things in life ,laugh at those
Be a good friend even to the ones 
That are not close
For the world is ours to explore
We should be thankful that
We have the power to allow ourselves 
To enjoy our lives more 

Alexah Boone

C/o 2021👩🏽‍🎓 Black Belt in Karate Dreams to be an Orthopedic surgeon. I love to make people smile because I believe everyone matters.

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