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A Guideline for a Successful Friendsgiving:

Hold on…what’s Friendsgiving? Friendsgiving is basically recreating Thanksgiving with just your friends. AKA another excuse to hang out and gorge on some deliciousness.

Instead of putting the burden on one or two people to provide for everyone else, make it a potluck. Everyone is in charge of a certain dish they need to bring. Sometimes, a friend might need to borrow a serving dish or your oven. If you’re the host, make sure you know this information ahead of time so everyone’s not waiting on a certain dish to finish cooking.

Also, don’t feel the need to make everything from scratch. That can sometimes be frustrating and not turn out well. Unless you’re a baller in the kitchen with mad Chef Ramsay skills…then by all means go for it. There’s nothing wrong with getting a little help from the prepared foods section.

It’s a good idea to do Friendsgiving before Thanksgiving. Why? Let’s be real here, once Thanksgiving is over people ditch pumpkins and spice for sleigh bells, snow and Santa.

What You’ll Need:
It’s important to remember a few key items you will need to pull off a good Friendsgiving.
-Platters and big serving dishes
-Enough cups/utensils for everyone
-A good thanksgiving playlist
-An empty belly because it’s about to go down in chow town

It’s a good idea for the friend with the biggest space or most seats to host Friendsgiving.

Uhh…why not. Good food, good friends not to mention it makes for an aesthetic instagram story.

Final Note:

If you’re not the host, please help clean up. It’s a nice thing to do and the host graciously let people destroy their kitchen / dinning area for the sake of Friendsgiving.

More Do’s and Don’ts for Friendsgiving


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