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COVID-19 Poem

COVID-19, you’re such a mean thing

You came and crushed quite a few people’s dreams

You wear this crown on your head like you’re a king

But truth is you do nothing but cause a sting and make the children scream

You even forced the boldest of us to quarantine

COVID has turned us against our brothers of humankind

COVID is eating away at some people’s minds

We are looking for people to blame

When we should blame you for being quite lame

Imagine being a kid and forced to play at home

Imagine being a parent and your children won’t leave you alone

Imagine being sick with a virus that’s unknown

Imagine being sick and forced to be in the hospital alone

Some thought they were gonna walk across that stage in May

But they didn’t know they would never get that day

That day they worked hard for for thirteen years

The day that they would realized they conquered all of their fears

And now it’s gone

And none of us know who’s in the wrong

No one saw this coming or we ignored all the signs

Now people who want to live their lives regularly are punished with fines

We dint know when or if this will ever end

So all we have is talking to our virtual friends

COVID you are a monster indeed

Some of us have hope so we fight ,but others of us are in need

In need of simply a hug or even a high five

But no we can’t touch each other because we fear we may die

Alexah Boone

C/o 2021👩🏽‍🎓 Black Belt in Karate Dreams to be an Orthopedic surgeon. I love to make people smile because I believe everyone matters.

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