Become a Little More Selfish

Hey you! Yeah, you reading this self-motivating post. Please repeat after me:

I am divinely intuitive, protected and rich by my own divine right.

Phew! Now that we have gotten that out of the way, let’s get into the topic of this post. When people say the term “selfish,” it’s usually brought up in a negative connotation. Such as, “he’s such a selfish person, stay away from him,” or, “selfish people never give or share.” I want you, yes, you, to change the entirety of your thoughts on what it means to be selfish. Being selfish is about being about yourself. It means you should put your well-being, your emotions, as well as your self-care first. Many people try to make you believe that putting yourself first means that you are not a good person. I want for you to think from this perspective and ask yourself, “How can I love or give to others if I cannot even give to myself first?” Do you know what this is also called? It’s called keeping your house in check. Your house is your mind, and your home is your heart. Protect those two things at all costs! Be more selfish!

It is okay to cancel going out to stay in and cuddle up on your couch watching Netflix by yourself now and again. It is okay to stay home and cook for yourself rather than going out for dinner with your friends. You know what, going for a walk on a trail or taking the time to read a book at the park is a great way to be selfish. In other words: BEFORE YOU GIVE YOUR TIME TO OTHERS, GIVE TIME TO YOURSELF FIRST. You come first. The way we love and give to ourselves is how we love and give to others. It is very important that we tend to our own needs first. That is the true definition of being selfish. Be more Self-ish. Get it?

Being Self-ish also means that as a young person, you hold yourself accountable for the decisions you make in life. Self-ish women are responsible, intelligent, noble, and knowledgeable. Self-ish women treat others how they treat themselves. A selfish young lady or young woman finds it easy to respect others because she has, or is learning, the art of respecting herself. When you love you FIRST, loving others becomes easy. Have confidence in that, and you will do just fine. Stay tuned for another post from me, Larenza A. Elbert sometime soon! Toodles, you beautiful gorgeous butterfly, you.

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