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    Surviving High School: Social

    Surviving High School: Social

    The friends, enemies and frenemies make up the drama part of High School chickflics. Majority of high school students do not live these drama-filled lives (I guess there could be a few who do). If you’re a new student or one who is going through something at the moment, use these tips and tricks:

    1.) Join a Club — joining a club that you enjoy can expose you to people with similar interests, and it gives you something to do. Making new friends aren’t a bad thing, especially if it exposes you to people from all grades.

    2.) Not Everyone Stays — here’s a small downside to school: you may not have any classes with your friends. If you’re really committed to staying friends with someone (and they feel the same way) keep in contact, join a club or activity together and go out every once in-a-while. Don’t be surprised if some people do fall out of your life.

    3.) Cut Out the Toxic People — if someone makes you feel bad, pressures you into doing things you’re not comfortable with or distracts you from what’s important, cut them out of your life. High school can be stressful already and you don’t need people who will put you down, get you in trouble or influence you to make bad actions.

    4.) Don’t Let Dating Ruin You — if you’re the type to want to date, don’t let the relationship ruin you. Understand signs of verbal and physical abuse, make time for friends and don’t push others out of your life just because your significant other says so. A close friend of mine stopped talking to me completely in high school after I had a fight with his (now current) girlfriend, who at one time was also my friend; he no longer talks to any of his friends, just his girlfriend. Dating doesn’t always last, especially in high school. Don’t miss out on the fun because you feel tied down. Healthy relationships are fun as long as you know what healthy dating is.

    5.) People Understand — if you don’t know anyone in your classes, it’s not a big deal. If trying to make new friends scare you, getting rid of the social aspect of a class isn’t something to be embarassed or worried about . People understand, and everyone has been in the same position at least once before.

    6.) Same Teacher Twice — you may have the same teacher twice in your high school career. Many teachers teach multiple classes, so make sure you act appropriately in class.

    7.) Clothes Don’t Matter — it’s alright to choose comfy clothes over something fashionable. The days are long, and high school is not a competition.

    8.) Social Media is Public — just a friendly reminder. Whatever you post (no matter how private your account is), it’s online and public. That rant post you published can easily be screenshotted and spread around to other students and teachers. Whatever you say can and will be held against you.