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Amatonormativity + Ambition: a commentary

Amatonormativity GirlSpring

“Don’t worry, you’ll find the right person, someday.”
Every time we hear this, we wonder: what if this famed someday is just someday? Perhaps even a perfectly, disappointingly ordinary day?
What if, expecting fireworks and a finale of fluttering wings, we only elicit a lethargic show of special effects, or worse yet, no audience at all?
Reality may render it an infamous inevitability, a polaroid mockery of “every girl’s dream!”

So why wait and why want and ask why not me when remaining whole doesn’t need to mean fusing into a binary?
Our bones harbor supernovas – a double exposure will tell you that much.
Why leave our stellar atmospheres just to wait at a cliff’s dull edge for success?

Well, prepare for a photographic phenomenon, because as fate – no, as we – would have it,
some girls find singular satisfactory.

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Elizabeth Brake, a professor of philosophy at Arizona State University, is credited with having coined the term amatonormativity. Check out her blog to hear what she has to say on the subject.

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