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    5 Ways to be Sustainable This Summer

    The pavement is becoming a little too unbearable for bare feet. Homework seems more of a choice and sunlight still fills the kitchen at dinner time. The sweet visions of summer freedom and joy are becoming clearer in our minds and we can’t wait. 


    A Sustainable Summer

    While summer brings a new wave of hobbies, trips and experiences savored wholly only in this season, time and weather also bring on a tide of new styles and trends. This season has come to be characterized by consumerism, as we rush to buy new clothing, vacation “essentials,” and other products that we claim will enhance our summer experience.

    Though it is perfectly fine to treat yourself to items that make you happy, it does not hurt to reflect on whether what you consume is necessary to enrich a time that is already filled with joy and fulfillment. This reflection and careful consideration of priorities will not only help in living intentionally, but also sustainably, impacting the beautiful world we live in in a positive way.

    Read below to see how you can limit unnecessary consumption this summer, giving more time to spending the warm weather days with those you love. 


    1. Repurpose Your Closet

    As we scavenge our closets for jean shorts and tanks from last year, we believe the easiest way out is to buy a whole new array of summer fits. Instead of heading to the store for the instant gratification that accompanies purchasing a new summer dress, find joy in the clothing that you loved the year before.

    If any shirts seem a little out of your taste for this year, consider repurposing them. Tie-dying, cropping, or sewing them into something completely new can not only save your wallet but also the Earth! Consider turning t-shirts into rags or towels if they become too worn for comfort.


    2. Go on a Walk!

    Whether traveling to a new city or staying in your own, it’s much more sustainable and fun to take a walk. If your work is near and the weather permits, choose to walk instead of drive – the same is possible when on vacation. My favorite summer memories come from walks around Florida beach towns, where beauty can be found in the color of the palm trees, the skies and the homes. Taking a bike ride around a new city is also a great way to see its sights from close up!


    3.  Become Your Water Bottle’s Best Friend

    There is no question that reusable water bottles have a grip on our generation. We decorate them with stickers of our favorite places and companies, customizing them as a way to show our commitment. Most insulated water bottles provide the warmth and chill we need for many years. These bottles come in handy during any summer activity, whether it be a beach day, hike, or day in the city. 


    4. Yummy Dinners at Home

    One activity that I absolutely love during the summer is hosting dinner in my backyard. Set up lights, a table, and chairs outside for a night of fun and story-telling while bonding over making dinner. Having fun dinners at home not only fills our hearts of love and togetherness, but also eliminates the mindset of eating out as a reward for the week. 


    5. Visit a Farmer’s Market

    If you are one that absolutely loves buying gifts for others or for yourself during the summer, consider visiting a Farmer’s Market. Besides offering delicious food that is locally sourced, most Farmer’s Markets have small-business owners and have their own unique products.

    Over my many visits I have seen beautiful artwork, jewelry, candles, and desserts! These goods are made much more sustainably than those sold in stores and hold so much more value due to the work and creativity that went into making them. Invite a friend and have fun browsing juicy produce and gorgeous artistry. 


    Click here to see more ways that you can be sustainable this summer!

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