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December 2016

  • Artwork, Writing

    Heartbreak Hurts

    Whether it’s from your favorite pair of shoes soles finally giving up, to that one book you love turning into nothing more…

  • Shero

    (S)hero: Miesha N. Williams

    GS: What exactly is WPP? MW: Women for Political Progress at UAB is the UAB chapter of the statewide WPP organization. We…

  • Seven Alabama Colleges

    Seven Local, Alabama Colleges

    College. The application process can be very stressful, and as a high school senior, I know just how stressful it can be….

  • Artwork

    L’art du Ballet

    The spinning colors of the world Run in rhythms with our twirls The joyful, enchanting melodies Of our soft shoes Bounding across…

  • Artwork


    Artist Statement My ultimate product came simply from playing around with some techniques on Photoshop. I was really happy that I was…