Summer is such an amazing time of the year because there is no school and such fun things happen then! In the Spring time, I always dream about Summer things I want to do, but it never really happens. Here is my summer challenge to you, let’s turn these dreams into realities! Here are some ideas that will make summer 2017 the best! If you try any of these be sure to tag us on Instagram @Girlspringpower  or hashtag #GirlSpring2017


Endless summer activities:
Taking fun pictures
Eating countless popsicles & ice cream
Sleepovers with your best friends
Can’t forget about those Instagram pictures!
Have a movie marathon
Dance in the summer rain
Play a sport with someone
Pizza at the pool? I think yes!
Dance party to your favorite band
DIY projects
Rearrange your room
Bake something delicious
Go shopping for a top
Take a bubble bath and play your favorite tunes


Make this summer the best one yet! We can’t wait to see what fun things you are up to!

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