Atlantic waters as far as my eyes can see
Between hiccups full of water
Coughing up salt
Existing, but drowning
Forgetting my mind in one blink
Gagging on my own memories
Hating every moment I once devoted to you
Jumbled lives living inside of my mind
Kickboxing with the waves, trying to stay afloat
Lighting a fire in my mind
Melting my existence in a second
Of course, that’s all I was to you
Pretty, lifeless, stupid girl
Questions raised but left unanswered
Raking through the waves to find them
Throwing you away like every meal you left unfinished
Unlocked secrets drown with me
Valleys of meaningless compliments and gifts
Waving farewell to what was once
Yes, as pointless as the letter you are
Zoning out every memory of you

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