My mind was racing with thoughts of you
My heart was going crazy when I was around you
But when you were with her
My stomach dropped
My feelings stopped
I thought you were my rock.
I wish I could make you smile like she does.
I wish I could be the person that she was.
I wish I was good enough for a perfectionist like you.
But here’s the thing that all girls do,
We want something we can’t have
We want something we can grab.
We want someone to be there when we’re all alone.
We want someone to help us pick out our clothes.
We want someone who will make us laugh and smile.
But we don’t want you if your love only lasts for a while.
So for all the girls who are all alone.
You’re not alone, you’re with your home.
We are your friends.
We are your family.
So don’t think you have no one, because, really,
You have everyone.

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