Spring break is nearing which only makes sitting through geometry that much more difficult due to all the day dreaming about the beach and sunshine. You can practically smell the tanning lotion as you mind numbingly do your chemistry homework. But you blinked and it was the end of February and suddenly you realize that you’re empty handed for concrete plans for spring break. Maybe you forgot to beg your mom to let you go to Disney with your best friend. Or maybe your dad couldn’t get off work so your parents had to reschedule that trip to Orange Beach for the summer instead. Regardless of the circumstances you have nothing to add when your friends spend all of lunch discussing what bathing suits they’re bringing to Cancun or what ski resort their family booked for the week. 

That’s where I come in to help.With only a few weeks stretching between you and your week long freedom, it’s time to get creative and start planning your spring break at home:

  1. Take advantage of sleeping in: this may seem like a relatively simple idea for your agenda for the week, but how nice is it going to feel to turn off that 6 a.m. alarm. Stay in bed all day if that’s what you like! Give yourself some well needed R&R, put on your loosest sweatpants and tuck yourself in for some zzz’s.
  2. Try a new restaurant: maybe you’ll invite your siblings along or maybe if you’re really brave, you’ll try it out by yourself. Who knows? Maybe you’ll discover a new favorite food. At the very least you can probably manage to take an artsy picture of your avocado toast for Instagram. It’ll be a refreshing sight for your followers to give them a break from the constant beach pictures clogging their feed that week.
  3. Start a new hobby: no time like the present! Go to yoga with your mom one morning or maybe finally try that baking recipe you pinned on Pinterest. The world is your oyster and you have nothing but time that week.
  4. Go to the pool: Just because your land locked at home doesn’t mean your local pool isn’t an option to catch some rays. Sunshine is sunshine regardless of whether your fighting for pool chairs with other tourists in Destin or you’re five minutes away from your house at the neighborhood pool.
  5. Do something with your family: Fighting with your little brother may not seem like an ideal way to spend spring break, but maybe some quality time with your parents and siblings will do your soul some good. Invite them to go bowling or get pizza and you’ll remember that maybe your dad is a lot cooler than you give him credit for.

Don’t let being stuck at home make you any less excited for spring break. Regardless of what you do, a week off from school is still a week off of school.

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