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October 5, 2017
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October 7, 2017

Transitioning from Public School to Homeschool

I’ve been in public school since Kindergarten and last year I decided I would homeschool the last two years of high school. The thought of homeschool brought me excitement because it was going to give me more freedom but at the same time It brought me anxiety/anxiousness. Thinking ” Would this be a good idea”, “I’m going to be lonely”, and “No more seeing my friends”. Well I would like for you to know I choose homeschool and all the things I was worried about I conquered it. Homeschool is one of the best decisions I ever made! I know in my past and recently I’ve heard a lot of girls say they wish they could homeschool but they have the same thoughts as I did when I was considering homeschooling. Well this is my first year of homeschooling so I’m no pro but I think I can give you some tips on how to transition from public school to homeschool if your considering it.

Allow yourself time to adjust
-home schedule will change dramatically.
-curriculum may change

Maintain friendships
-Keep in contact.
-Realize that some friends still have school so hanging out may occur after school or weekends.

Try to stay busy
– If not you can become lazy, bored, and lonely.

How to stay busy
– Take field trips
-Visit the library
– Visit museums
-Science experiments
-Watch documentaries

– Local library
– Animal recue shelters
– Retirement homes
Example: In my future I want to be a Oncologist so I volunteered at UAB Hospital.

Learn more
– Different languages, sciences, languages, art etc.

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