Why American Gun Laws Should Replicate Japanese Gun Laws
March 8, 2018
It’s not easy
March 8, 2018

#NotOneMore: The Fear We Learn

#NotOneMore: The Fear We Learn

We learn many things in school. Where to put commas, how to socialize, and how to be kind. Recently, we have learned different things. We have learned how to text our parents we love them every time we go on lockdown. We have learned how to hide under our desk and in the closet. We have learned that our teachers will die for us. We have learned to fear.
“My teacher told me that he couldn’t protect me if a shooter came to our school”
“I worry for my sister’s safety once I go off to college”
“I’m scared to go to school. I don’t want to have those last moments with my parents.”

All of these are quotes from students in Alabama. Students are afraid to go to school and get an education. Students are in school longer than they are at home. School should be the safest place they can go. This is not about security in schools. This is not about how equipped a teacher can be with a gun. This is about gun reform. This is about protecting our children. This about protecting people. Not another person should die from an AR-15.

 The students of Parkland were forced to wake up when a gunman came in and took seventeen lives. But, this didn’t start with Parkland. Pulse, Vegas, Sandy Hook, Sutherland Springs church and many more countless deaths.

This is the time for action. Thought and prayer will no longer be enough. We will protest. We will vote. We will not stop fighting until kids aren’t afraid. We will not stop until people’s lives are more important than money. So, I beg you, my congressmen/women. I beg you, my senators. Fight back. Don’t accept money for the NRA. Make stricter gun laws. Actually, enforce background checks. Do what you must to protect us, because if you don’t, come election time you will no longer be representing us.

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  1. Lucie Davis says:

    This was said perfectly. Change needs to happen! Let’s do it!!!

  2. Maggie says:

    Very true. I have younger sibling, nieces, and a nephew who attend public schools. While they are in school, they should be guaranteed safety, and that guarantee should not result from armed faculty. In 2010, an armed professor at The University of Alabama in Huntsville opened fire during a department meeting, which was attended by 12 other faculty members. The gunwoman had been denied tenure, making Spring 2010 her last semester. 3 people died and 3 were injured. While the perpetrator was obviously mentally disturbed (according to past) and did not have a permit to carry the 9mm gun she used in the shooting, she was still able to possess the gun and carry on her person into her workplace.
    There is no guarantee that this would not happen if public school teachers were required to be armed. The only way to protect the lives of not only our children, but many other innocent people, is to reform our gun laws and raise awareness on the dangers of firearms. Thanks, Satura!

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