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September 29, 2017
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September 29, 2017

The Stereotypes of Athletes by Kristen Gardner, GS Intern and UAB Student

In high-school sometimes we spend too much time on trying to fit in or trying to be in the popular group or uphold a certain persona. Though with trying to fit in sometimes athletes are put into a category that is not even close to the people that they really are. Stereotypes of athletes is something that has been around for ages. Sometimes people assume something of a person just because they are an athlete. So what are the stereotypes of different athletes that we usually believe?

Football Player
• The Dumb Jock
• The Bully
• The Womanizer
• The narcissist

• Not smart
• They starve themselves
• They are snobby
• They are all popular

Baseball Player
• Nonathletic
• They are babied and pampered
• They chew gum
• They chew tobacco

Basketball Player (Girls)
• They are tomboys
• Most are black
• They are tall
• Built like men

Basketball Player (Boys)
• They are thugs
• They are players
• Stuck-up

• Not a real sport
• Requires no skill
• Played by foreigners

• They are geeks
• Skinny
• Not pretty

All of these stereotypes are things that athletes are labeled with daily. The lesson here is that you should never judge a book by its cover. That football player may be the smartest in the grade. That cheerleader may be the nicest person in the school. regardless of what you have heard about a certain sport it is important to get your own impression of a person. A simply hello could go a long way. It is our job as students and a community to stop sharing stereotypes and start spreading more love and respect to one another which is what we would want in return. I challenge you to be the difference. Go speak to someone new and get to know them. And I guarantee you that stereotype that you once had about them may change.

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