Serena Williams: Woman, Athlete, Role Model

I was five years old when I was introduced to tennis. My grandfather was an avid tennis player and loved watching it on television. I enjoyed watching tennis with him when I was out of school. The one player that stuck out to me the most was Serena Williams. One of the first times I saw her play was with her sister Venus during a doubles match. They were unstoppable! Serena, however, is part of the reason why I wanted to pick up a racquet and play tennis competitively.

The author at 13 meeting Serena Williams (sort of) at the 2007 U.S. Open.

The author at 13 meeting Serena Williams (sort of) at the 2007 U.S. Open.

I love watching every time Serena plays tennis. She is powerful with every stroke she hits and her serve is one of the fastest in the world. She is electricfying!  As I became older, I realized that she is just as amazing off the court as she is on the court. I admire how she has always remained true to herself. She has dealt with people questioning her femininity and being called racial slurs for years but doesn’t allow those things to stop her from reaching her goal: being the best. She is unapologetic about who she is, and even when she loses a match, she uses that loss to become better. Serena never settles for less. Even though I have taken a different path in profession, becoming a writer instead of a tennis player, I apply the “never settle” attitude and work diligently towards my goals.

Thank you, Serena Williams, for showing a little girl from Irondale at a young age that anything is possible.

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