We know that school shootings are continuing, lives are being lost, and students are scared.

What's the solution? We want to know what you think, we want your voice to be heard!

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  1. chlo.mer says:

    It seems to me like gun control is the best solution to not only school shootings, but gun violence in general in America. I do not believe this solution completely interferes with our second amendment right, but it will prevent access to guns which were designed for mass murder to people with violent intentions. I believe this will work because of gun control’s success in other countries. According to BBC News article by Harry Low(http://www.bbc.com/news/magazine-38365729), of all of the countries in the world, Japan’s rates of gun crime are the lowest. The article goes on to explain that the process to purchase a gun includes mental health and drug tests, a class, an exam, and a shooting range test in which a score of 95% must be achieved in order to pass. Although this process may sound excessive, it has been proven that the tighter the gun control laws are that are put into place, the fewer deaths caused by gun violence occur. I believe everyone deserves the right to not fear their own lives and the lives of those around them in spaces such as schools, churches, and restaurants. Life is precious and we must work to protect it in our country.

  2. Kristen says:

    I am glad to see so many students stepping up and looking for a solution to this nationwide issue.

  3. Lydia says:

    A lot of talk has been going around about teachers having guns in classrooms. It’s easy to say something like, “If only Mr. Smith, the JROTC teacher had had a gun. He could have taken down the school shooter and this wouldn’t have happened.” But there are a lot of problems with this. It does not seem practical, first of all, to train every single teacher in the use of firearms. It is not really part of a teacher’s job or training when they go to college and become a certified teacher, to be ready to kill a person, even out of self defense, like a police officer or soldier is trained to do. In addition, although we would like to think that we could trust all teachers, there are many teachers out there who could be a threat to children , and should not have a firearm around the students. In fact, with all teachers having ready access to a gun in the classroom, more school shootings are likely to happen. It may be argued that there is a bit of this corruption in police officers out there, but that in the bigger picture, we need police to keep us safe. But police officers go through much more complex, rigorous training and background examination than teachers do. We need a different solution.

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