Never Gives Up
By: DeShaelah S.

Never Gives Up by DaShaelah S.

I am a fish that
floats in water
I am the sun that
hates to fall
I’m the tiger that
fights for what’s mine
I’m a tree that
never loses its leaves
I’m the book that
refuses to close
I’m a leaf that
doesn’t change colors
I’m the zebra
with no stripes
I’m the planet
with no rings
I’m the park
With no swings
I’m the turtle
without a shell
I’m the bird
with no beak
I’m the flower
with no petals
I’m the light
that can’t go off
I’m the person
that doesn’t back
This poem was taken from the book, Jellyfish In Disguise, a book of poems created by students in the Woodlawn area, and from Putnam Middle School, produced by Desert Island Supply Company. To learn more about Desert Island Supply Company and the work they are doing in the Woodlawn area of Birmingham, please visit,  Desert Island Supply Co.
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