August 9, 2018
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August 11, 2018

Mental Health and How to Deal with Stress

Mental Health and How to Deal with Stress

Hey girls hey! Have you ever reflected on how you deal with stress, negative thoughts, or sad situations? What about how your friends have dealt with loss, stress, or mental issues? Have you ever listened to your favorite artist’s songs and heard the pain in their voices or felt the loss in their lyrics?

Some of us may be aware that these artists channel their pain and weakness into their music as a release; as Demi Lovato does in her song, “Sober”. The song expresses Demi’s remorse for disappointing her fans and relapsing after being sober for six years. In late July, reports erupted concerning Lovato’s apparent overdose during her summer tour. Over the years, Lovato has been very vocal about her struggles with an addiction to cocaine and alcohol. In 2010, she sought professional help and entered rehab. Lovato says she took her sobriety one day at a time, focusing on her physical health as well as her mental health. After news broke about Lovato’s overdose, her fans took to the internet with the hashtag, #HowDemiHasHelpedMe.

As music is a healing mechanism for artists, it can also help individuals that are dealing with similar situations. Personally, it lets me know that I am not alone in my battle, my heartbreak, my confusion, etc.

I have found myself questioning the state of my mental health at times, which makes me wonder what I can do to improve my mental health and deal with stress. Of course I research tips, but I have yet to put any of these things into practice because I am so consumed with work and school. Sadly, these are my only outlets, but I know I need to add a more viable outlet to relieve stress and mental instability.

Some of us have friends and family members we can vent to, but not all listening ears are trustworthy ones, and often times we don’t get the feedback we are looking for. So, what are some ways you can vent, relieve stress, and make sure your mental health is in check? Let’s take a look at some tips offered by, the National Alliance on Mental Illness:
• Accept your needs. Recognize what your triggers are.
• Manage your time. Prioritize activities that can help you use your time well.
• Practice relaxation. Personally, I find comfort in listening to Zen music. There are various types of Zen music to choose from. For example, when my students are rowdy or excited, I turn on “Zen music for relaxation”. Or if I am studying or my studetns are working, I turn on “Zen music for concentration”.
• Exercise daily. I have often heard that channeling anger and stress into simply walking a mile or two, swimming, or some sort of physical activity helps relieve those things that are attacking your healthy state of mind.
• Set aside time for yourself. When my best friend went through a horrifying break-up, she would often go out by herself and think. She went to the park, the movies, and sometimes treated herself to dinner…alone. Sometimes we need to disconnect from the world and reflect on ourselves.
• Eat well.
• Get enough sleep.
• Talk to someone.

Mental health has become one of the most common discussions in today’s conversations. It is the most important thing we must have complete control over. If the following steps don’t seem to be working for you, call the NAMI Helpline at 800-950-NAMI or email You can also text “NAMI” to 741741.

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