I once asked my best friend if knitting or crocheting was considered art. I had started knitting as a cure for my boredom after I completed school. I absolutely loved going to the store and shopping for needles and yarn. You could definitely tell by the slow decrease in my spending money.

About a year after I started knitting, I took up crocheting after my mom bought all the supplies to “start a hobby”. I fell in love with crocheting just as quickly as I had knitting. Oh look, i’m broke.My mom and best friend both encouraged me to start an etsy shop. I was scared to step out. Afraid no one would like what I had to show. But, I was wrong. My siblings love all the little nick knacks I make and I love making things for people.

Stepping out of my comfort zone helped me grow in my confidence in myself and in my abilities.
I have my own style of Art and everyone who sees it loves it.

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