Great Mother's Day Gifts on a Budget!
By GirlSpring Staffers

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and although we are sure you’ve got it covered, here are some tips on what to get just in case!

Here’s the thing about moms – they love you no matter what, and knowing that you love them back is about the best gift in the world. Sometimes kids think moms want fancy, expensive gifts, but the best gift – your love – doesn’t cost anything. There are lots of other ways to show your mom how much you care without having to spend too much:

• Make dinner for her and the family so she doesn’t have to cook.
• Offer to babysit your siblings so that she can have the afternoon off.
• Make her a card that tells her how much you love and appreciate her. She will appreciate the time and effort you put into it.
• Cook breakfast in bed and surprise her!
• Clean your room – or even the whole house – without waiting for her to ask you to do it.
• Make a date to have a stay-at-home movie night!
• If you are good at doing nails and hair, offer to give her a makeover.
• Is there somewhere cultural she has mentioned wanting to do or see? Many museums have free admission on certain days, and parks are always free. Plan a trip to the museum or a free concert, then pack a picnic lunch to have later in the park.

The bottom line is that no matter what you get your mom for mother’s day, the truth is that she will love that you put so much thought and effort into it. And, remember, she thinks you and your siblings are the greatest!
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