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November 29, 2017
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December 3, 2017

Fear of Failure

There is one piece of our lives that is so strong and so powerful, that it has the power to hold us back from living life to its full potential. Failure. Failure is the fear that unites us all and has the ability to catch us at are most vulnerable times. As humans, we encounter so many obstacles throughout the course of our lives, yet we manage to allow something so simple, something we cannot even see, eat away at our self confidence and build a wall between our dreams and reality. Overcoming the fear of failure, is the key to reaching success.

Whether it is failing a college exam, not passing driver’s test, or messing up an interview, we all face failures in life no matter how perfect someone might appear to be. Failures are the steps to finding success and force you to grow in the process of learning from your failures. Overtime, the idea of failing has been marked with the utmost negative and condescending reputation. However, how are we expected to evolve and build upon our intelligence if we never have any mistakes to learn from.

As scary as it may seem, failures can be some of the most valuable parts of life. It takes time, but learning to face the fear of failure head on will allow you to jump fearlessly into new adventures and hopefully allow you to find more happiness within the darker times that life presents us. It is important to remember that it is possible to view failures with a positive mindset. In some way, failures hold a piece of beauty in the sense that they allow us to eventually find good in the bad, giving us hope that life will get better.

Do not let the fear of failure restrain you from discovering your own potential. Do not let fear keep you from exploring your own destiny. Do not let fear overpower you.

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