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July 2, 2017
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Our Favorite Ice Cream in Atlanta by Ashley Mosley

Summer is hot and it can be tiring to stay outside in the heat. I decided to change up the heat and cool off by finding the best ice cream shops in Atlanta! Here are our top 3 choices you must try!

My friend and I decided to try Jeni’s Ice Cream shop in Atlanta. They have many different locations which is an added bonus! When you walk into their store, you can smell fresh ice cream which is crazy to think but OH MY! It smells divine!! Their employees were super friendly and their vanilla blueberry cobbler just melted right into my mouth! Here is their website link if you want to check out their cookbook or website!

Next up we tried the famous Rita’s Italian Ice shop. Let me just tell you, it was amazing! I love Italian ice and this really hit the spot on a super-hot day! I ordered the mango gelato and my oh my, please do yourself a favor and try it out! It was really refreshing to have on super-hot days and did I mention delicious?!

The last Ice cream shop was Jake’s Ice cream shop in Atlanta! The shop itself was super cute and rustic looking! What is cool about Jake’s Ice cream is that he doesn’t use preservatives and he has vegan options! Every one told me to try the Root Beer float and I can see why! It was certainly a one of a kind dessert! It was by far the best float I have ever had!

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