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October 11, 2017
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Family-Friendly Halloween Movies

Halloween is my favorite holiday. Most people who know me could tell you that. But horror movies are not my thing. I get way too scared to watch most horror movies. It just doesn’t end well.

Despite not being able to handle horror movies, I love Halloween movies. What’s the difference? Well, the Halloween movies I watch tend to be more family-friendly. There’s nothing wrong with that no matter how old you are, in my opinion. So in honor of the upcoming holiday, I thought I would make a list of my favorite movies to watch that are in the Halloween spirit. Most of these have Halloween as a central theme or the time it’s set at, but the ones that don’t are still spooky fun.

First up, I would recommend the Disney Channel Original Movie series Halloweentown. The series has four movies in it, although many people ignore the last one because Disney Channel replaced the main character’s actress. Still, the Halloweentown series starts with Marnie Piper, an ordinary girl who finds out that she’s a witch and that her grandmother who lives far away actually lives in another universe called Halloweentown, which is filled with witches, warlocks, goblins, ghosts, and all kinds of other classic monsters. It only gets more fun from there! These movies are rated G to PG.

Next, I’d recommend the movie ParaNorman. ParaNorman is a hilarious movie about a boy named Norman who can see ghosts. Despite being unpopular even with his own family members, Norman has to save his town from ghosts and zombies, not to mention a horde of angry grown-ups. ParaNorman has a few semi-scary bits, but it is a great movie despite that and perfect for Halloween time even though it does not mention Halloween. This movie is rated PG.

Third on my list is Matilda. Matilda, based on the book of the same name by Roald Dahl, follows the story of a little girl, Matilda Wormwood. Matilda is a genius who has always had to care for herself, due to the fact that her parents and brother do not care about her and tend to either ignore her or treat her very badly. Matilda develops magical powers over the course of a few years. When she finally gets to go to school, her principal (Miss Trunchbull) is evil, but her teacher, Miss Honey, is very nice and takes a particular liking to Matilda. The movie is very sweet overall, though it has some mildly scary parts. It is rated PG.

Last but not least, I’ll recommend the classic Hocus Pocus. The movie is about a trio of witches called the Sanderson sisters, hung in the Salem Witch Trials, who are accidentally resurrected on Halloween by a skeptical teenager (Max) trying to impress his crush (Allison). From there, Max, Allison, and Max’s little sister Dani have to make sure the three Sanderson sisters are defeated. This movie is rated PG.

What are your favorite family-friendly Halloween movies? Leave them in the comments below!

(Written by Megan Flint.)

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