Ah, fall, where the leaves begin to change and the south is not quite so blisteringly hot anymore. Autumn is many people’s favorite season for these reasons and more. If this is you, read on for some fun date ideas that will honor the season!

One great fall date idea, especially when it begins to get chillier outside, is to have a date night at one of your houses. Pop some popcorn, get out your favorite movie snacks, and curl up on the couch together to watch one of your favorite Halloween movies. If you’ve got extra time, do a double feature, where each of you chooses a movie that the other person hasn’t seen. It’s always fun to show other people your favorite movies, especially a potential significant other!

Another idea is to go to a pumpkin patch together to pick out pumpkins. This might seem a little immature to some people, because carving pumpkins is for younger children in their eyes. But picking out pumpkins is still fun, and you can hold hands while you wander through the rows of pumpkins. You can trade ideas about what you’re going to carve into each of your pumpkins as well, and maybe even carve them together afterwards.

A classic date idea that is overlooked all too often is baking together. Invite them over and bake some cookies or cupcakes from scratch! This is more fun in the fall than in the summer because you won’t die of having the oven on because of the outdoor heat. Plus, you can do a theme night of it. Bake an apple pie and pumpkin spice cupcakes. And while they bake, you can watch your favorite fall movies or just sit and chat while the house begins to smell oh-so tempting around you.

Or why not try out a corn maze together? This is a great way to get to know each other. You’ll find out what your date is like when they’re trying to find their way, of course, but you also might find out how they react when you disagree one which fork to take. This makes it an interesting date idea for both new and old couples. For more fun, go on a double date with some friends and see who can reach the destination first!

Finally, another classic is the hay ride, and if you’re brave enough, the haunted hay ride. Hay rides at sunset are romantic, sweet, and fun. You can drink apple cider or hot cocoa together and hold hands while you ride. Perfect. Haunted hay rides can be tons of fun if you have the guts as well. You can see who gets spooked first, and you can cuddle up together while you’re terrified. And if the haunted hay ride goes well enough, you can always continue your fun by going to a haunted house later.

Fall is such a romantic time of year, so let us know if you have any other favorite date ideas for the season in the comments!

(Written by Megan Flint.)

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