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October 11, 2017
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October 15, 2017

Easy DIY Halloween Costumes for Teen Girls

As much as we love Halloween and the dressing up that comes with it, we all dread the process that comes with picking one of the many Halloween costume ideas and putting it together, at least a little. To make the process a little easier for you this year, I’ve compiled some of my favorite and easiest ideas to make a statement this Halloween without breaking the budget and wasting too much time. We want our Halloween costume to steal the show and look like we slaved hours over it, when in reality, it took a very short amount of time to put together.

1.) Jill After the Hill
What You Need:
-An old dress you don’t mind getting dirty and tearing holes in
-Old Keds (or any kind of shoes that you don’t mind getting dirty)
What You Do:
Take your old dress outside and dirty it up. Quite literally, rub some dirt on it and take some rocks to tear holes in the dress. Don’t be shy with roughing it up a bit. I don’t recommend keeping the dress after Halloween. To add extra character, braid your hair or wear knee-high school girl socks. You’ll look like you just tumbled straight out of a story book and down a 20 foot hill.

2.) Powerpuff Girls
What You Need:
-Basic pink dress (for Blossom), basic blue dress (for Bubbles), or basic green dress (for Buttercup)
-White tights
-Black or white shoes (no specific kind)
-Thick black ribbon/felt/cotton
What You Do:
This outfit is pretty self-explanatory, but you want to make sure to use the back ribbon/felt/cotton to wrap around your stomach like the belt the girls wear with their dresses. Even though this is a simple thing, it could really make or break your Powerpuff Girls costume. If you’re going as Blossom, add an oversized red bow for some extra oomph.

3.) Retro Fitness Barbie
What You Need:
-Brightly colored leggings/tights
-Scrunchie!!! (Or a few)
-Sneakers (preferably brightly colored)
What You Do:
The key for this costume is bright colors. As long as your key pieces are brightly colored, you are likely to get the point across. Be sure to crimp or wave your hair to add some 80’s attitude and use that scrunchie for a high ponytail, a half ponytail, or even some pigtails. How you use your makeup will also add that little extra sparkle. The best thing about this simple costume is that you’ll be sure to be extra comfortable even if the night lasts long.

4.) Hermione Granger
What You Need:
-White button-down
-Plaid skirt
-Neck tie (preferably red/yellow)
-Black shoes (preferably Mary Janes or loafers)
-A wand (this could be a real one or very basic, like a stick)
-If you’re extra, you could add a black cloak or an orange stuffed cat
What You Do:
The neck tie is the most crucial part of this costume, I think. It’s not the end of the world if you can’t find a red/yellow one, but it lets people know that you are Hermione Granger and not Luna Lovegood. Likewise, if you’d rather be Luna, just change up the tie from red/yellow to blue and lose the orange cat. For Hermione, style your hair big and frizzy. Carry around a book or two, if you don’t mind. For Luna, add anything quirky to your costume. True Harry Potter fans will know the difference between the ties, and therefore, know your character. Speak only in a British accent for the duration of the night if you really want to envelope your character.

Happy Halloween, y’all!

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