Crazy Love
By: Jameria H.

Crazy Love by Jameria H.

I love you so
much that I’m
pounding in your heart

You’re the shining
star that’s in my eye
You’re the apple to my pie

You’re the straw to my berry
You’re also the one I want
to marry

When you smile you
make me think
of the millions of miles
I’ll walk just to see
you!!! You’re the peanut to my butter sometimes I like when you stutter I love you so much I think about you every day and night
This poem was taken from the book, Jellyfish In Disguise, a book of poems created by students in the Woodlawn area, and from Putnam Middle School, produced by Desert Island Supply Company. To learn more about Desert Island Supply Company and the work they are doing in the Woodlawn area of Birmingham, please visit, Desert Island Supply Co..
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