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Best Makeup Brands That Don’t Test On Animals

Best Makeup Brands That Don’t Test On Animals

Did you know that a lot of mainstream makeup brands test their products on animals? Many brands will test the toxicity of their products by using the chemicals on rabbits or other lab animals.

If that sounds terrible to you, or if you’ve ever considered going cruelty free, then now’s your chance to make a change. There are a ton of different makeup brands that don’t test on animals, so without further ado, here are some of my favorites:

e.l.f is a fairly inexpensive and cruelty free brand of makeup. It’s affordability is one of the reasons why it’s so high on the list.
100 % Pure uses fruit to color some of their makeup products, which is awesome! Who wouldn’t want to wear makeup made from fruit?
Kat Von D is pretty well known for not testing their products on animals, and has some pretty high quality items. Keep in mind that some of their products can be a little pricey.
Sigma has some great items on their website, you should take the time to look at all of the different makeup brushes that they have.
Well People’s makeup seems to be aimed more at those who want a natural makeup look.
Glossier is a makeup brand that also offers skincare products. They are a company who believes that good skin care is important to giving you the right look.
Tarte has a bunch of fun products made using natural ingredients. What’s not to love?
Wet N Wild makeup has been a personal favorite of mine for a while now in terms of lip gloss. I also think it’s really cool that they have their own nail line.
Milani is a fairly famous makeup brand, which is why I was surprised to learn that their products are cruelty free. What’s great about Milani is that their foundations are all that expensive.
Annabelle products are interesting because they don’t test anything on animals. They are mostly a Canadian makeup brand, but you can still find their stuff on their website.
Ecotools are neat because all of their brushes are 100 % vegan and they signed PETA’s cruelty free pledge.
Hard Candy has products that are known for being cruelty free. Also, you should definitely check out their lip products.
Flower is a cool company because their makeup products aren’t terribly expensive.
GOSH is a makeup brand that’s both cruelty free and vegan, but you’ll have to order their products online.
Jordana is awesome because of how inexpensive so many of their products are.
Makeup Academy is fairly expensive, but very high quality. If you want to spend more on your makeup, this is one of the brands you should consider.
Pixi is a fun little makeup company that you can find at your local Target.
Mineral Fusion is pretty expensive but they make quality products. On a different note, you should check out their line of nail polishes.


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