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September 29, 2017
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October 1, 2017

10 Tips: For When You Get Your Wisdom Teeth Out!

1. Take your pain meds as soon as possible when you get out of the hospital. They may not hurt at first but they will definitely start once the other meds wear off.

2. Don’t stress about the loopy medicine. I knew what I was saying and didn’t say anything I regretted, but my sentences just didn’t always make since and you will probably just talk about random topics.

3. No matter how much you want to touch with your tongue where you got your wisdom teeth removed don’t do it. It will heal faster if you don’t.

4. This goes with the last one. When your on loopy medicine this is much harder but try as best you can to keep your hand out of your mouth. And most people don’t believe when people say you will want to touch what’s there but it’s true!

5. The pain won’t last forever. Put ice packs and attempt to rest. Don’t talk a lot (I struggled with this one).

6. If the doctor prescribes you ibuprofen and you start breaking out a little on your face or neck stop taking it. They probably prescribed too high of dosage for you  to handle(this isn’t the case for everyone. Consult parent and doctor)

7. If you get sick and you throw up call the doctor. Let them know. You could develop a dry-socket.

8. If you get a dry-socket, you are in for a long ride. This is the most painful part. Be patent and TAKE YOUR MEDS. I would try not to eat a lot. If you do, keep on ice cream and things of that nature.

9. Dry-sockets last about a week. So, if you got your wisdom teeth out on a Thursday and got a dry-socket on that Monday you won’t be going to school that week. So just be prepared with all of your school work. Email all your teachers and attempt to start on school work. Helps you not to get stressed out over missing too much school.

10. Be positive. The pain will eventually go away even if it feels like it’s lasting forever. Keep your face iced and massage it. You can do this and good luck!!

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