phone   We are moving this GirlSpring Corporate site to girlspringinc.com in order to make room for our upcoming girls community mobile site.


GirlSpring provides access to reliable information, inspiring events and positive role models so girls and young women are empowered to reach their full potential.


Our investments in girls and young women can reap huge benefits. By doing so, we build better societies, better communities, better relationships, better family lives, better political systems, better businesses, and a better world.



We Provide the Following Programs:


Mobile Web Site / On-line Community – With our secure online mobile web site, we provide access to reliable information, relevant news and social interaction in a safe environment, so girls and young women have independent resources to help them make sound choices and wise decisions.

Gatherings – We have events that feature messages of empowerment with speakers, films and forums.

Mentoring Program – We provide positive role models, and give girls and young women “Dream Days” with one on one mentors.



GirlSpring is a 501c3 non-profit organization which serves all girls, served and under served, from the ages of 9 – 20.  We believe that by empowering girls and young women at an early age, they will grow to be individuals committed to making a better life for themselves and the world a better place.



Our feature news story this month focuses on bullying.

Almost weekly we see a news story about on-line bullying. Sadly, some of the storys end in tradegy. (See our news section for more)



Our prototype mobile site is comming. Check it out at: girlspring.com/gsmobile

We are currently working on our mobile site just for girls and young women. The site will be a true mobile community full of reliable information and links to sites that deal with issues girls face.

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